Free Yoga Videos

Post-Work Leg and Spine Stretch

If you’re like me and spend 12 hours a day on your feet at work, this supple cannabis-enhanced leg and back stretch is a great way to slowly unwind and shed all the tension of a long work day.

Pick your favorite flower to smoke, a little nook to practice, prop use is optional (but always good to have nearby), and you’re all set for this wonderful stretch!

Morning Stretch and Meditation

This video is a sweet stretch and meditation that will help create space for a new day. Rather than rolling out of bed and straight into the day, see what happens when you start the morning with gentle, curious, and loving awareness. When we begin the day with mindful intention it’s easier to continue making mindful choices throughout the day, whether that means making a healthier food choice for breakfast, pausing before reacting to a situation, or going to sleep earlier so you can take a yoga class the next morning – all of which can have a positive effect on your stress levels and well-being.

Cannabis-enhanced Yoga for Self Study

This gentle yoga session is great for re-centering and is set with an intention of self-study; simply a loving awareness of yourself and your breath throughout the practice. Noticing the way you practice yoga is very reflective of the way we live life, and your physical yoga practice often reveals a lot more about yourself than you may think.

Gentle Flow

This is a super chill flow to elevate and move to with an indica/indica-dominant hybrid which will bring about a relaxing full body high. Most of the movements are calming stretches so this is a good flow to unwind with.

Easy Leg Strengthening Flow

A slow leg strengthening flow best paired with a sativa/sativa-dominant strain.

Hip and Spine Release

A slow hip and spine flow, great for unwinding after work or opening up your body when you wake up in the morning.

This sequence is intended to be cannabis-enhanced, but feel free to make it cannabis free.