Student Testimonials


springawakeningteachingIf you have taken my class, I would love to hear your thoughts so I can continue to create space and elevate the vibrations. You can fill out a short form here (it can be anonymous).

¨This was first time doing yoga. It was wonderful and not at all intimidating. The other participants were welcoming. The space felt calming and I got super high. Thank you, Minelli, for keeping it top shelf.¨


¨I often smoke when I do yoga at home or before I go to my local studio so this class was a wonderful step up from that. Minelli, you’re an amazing instructor, in tune with the flow of the class which greatly helps facilitate the elevated experience!¨

Jana Johnson

¨You know when go to a live sports game as a kid and think, “how could this get any better?!” Then you go to a game where you’ve tailgated before and they serve alcohol in the concessions…and it all just kind of clicks? Well, in a complete opposite mood (and health) category, Minelli offers that same eye-opening experience where you’re just not going to want to do yoga any other way. Can’t wait for the next one!¨

Rob Lieto

¨Very chill and comfortable. Great experience, nice friendly people. What could be akward felt very good and healing! Thank you! See you again soon!¨


¨I loved it and felt some release and healing. Our teacher was great, the people were great, the ganja was great. All in all an excellent experience, I will be back ;)¨

Celia Goldman

¨Fabulous in every way! A beautiful, intimate, nonjudgmental vibe. I think Minelli will have a full schedule of these classes soon! Such a gift.¨

Amy Biven

¨I guess I’ve now been spoiled because I attended my first yoga class and it was an awesome experience. Minelli is an amazing yoga teacher and a truly wonderful person. I enjoyed being with everyone who attended the class. A non-judgmental group in a welcoming atmosphere.¨

Cindy Alt

¨Amazing experience! Minelli is a great teacher.¨

Gregory Ellison

¨I enjoyed everything about the class. The lovely conversations before/after, the cannabis (of course!), and the flow itself was exactly what I needed. The space was inviting and the whole experience was awesome.¨