Student Testimonials

springawakeningteachingIf you have taken my class, I would love to hear your thoughts so I can continue to create space and elevate the vibrations. You can fill out a short form here (it can be anonymous).

“This was first time doing yoga. It was wonderful and not at all intimidating. The other participants were welcoming. The space felt calming and I got super high. Thank you, Minelli, for keeping it top shelf.”


“I often smoke when I do yoga at home or before I go to my local studio so this class was a wonderful step up from that. Minelli, you’re an amazing instructor, in tune with the flow of the class which greatly helps facilitate the elevated experience!”

Jana Johnson

“The hours spent with Minelli are probably the best thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time. To be able to get high and practice gentle yoga and stretching and be able to tune out of my brain was amazing. I slept like I haven’t in ages!  My friend Liz, she’s an attorney, high strung and knotted with muscle spasms. She called me and said her shoulder hasn’t felt this loose and good in forever. She sent me a picture showing just how happy she is…I’ve never seen that smile it was nice.”


“Fabulous in every way! A beautiful, intimate, nonjudgmental vibe. I think Minelli will have a full schedule of these classes soon! Such a gift.”

Amy Biven

“I guess I’ve now been spoiled because I attended my first yoga class and it was an awesome experience. Minelli is an amazing yoga teacher and a truly wonderful person. I enjoyed being with everyone who attended the class. A non-judgmental group in a welcoming atmosphere.”

Cindy Alt

“I enjoyed everything about the class. The lovely conversations before/after, the cannabis (of course!), and the flow itself was exactly what I needed. The space was inviting and the whole experience was awesome.”


“You know when go to a live sports game as a kid and think, “how could this get any better?!” Then you go to a game where you’ve tailgated before and they serve alcohol in the concessions…and it all just kind of clicks? Well, in a complete opposite mood (and health) category, Minelli offers that same eye-opening experience where you’re just not going to want to do yoga any other way. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Rob Lieto

“Very chill and comfortable. Great experience, nice friendly people. What could be awkward felt very good and healing! Thank you!”