What To Expect

 “Body is not stiff, mind is stiff.”— Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois



Photo courtesy of Leighlani Wiglitton from Minelli’s class at Self Care Sunday


Since 2000 BCE monks have consumed cannabis (then referred to as “ganja”) to aid in meditative practices as well as to diminish pain and anxiety. Cannabis-enhanced yoga is meant to return to these ancient roots and combine traditional yoga asana with the slowing, contemplative, and pain relieving properties of cannabis to create a truly holistic practice that incorporates the body, mind, and soul. Cannabis’s natural ability to promote euphoria and being present makes cannabis-enhanced yoga particularly useful for students new to yoga, and seasoned students looking to explore a deeper limb of their practice.

My cannabis-enhanced yoga classes are a mix between Hatha and restorative yoga, accompanied with hands-on adjustments and Thai massage. Poses explored are slow and stretchy, taking advantage of the increased awareness of sensations gained from consuming cannabis. Overall classes are aimed towards strengthening the connection between body and mind by focusing on conscious breathing and movement – aligning the senses for a meditative practice. Classes are accessible for everyBODY of all experience levels. Props and modifications are frequently offered to channel a mindset of honoring your body’s current condition while letting go of competitive, unsustainable practices.  There will be no peer pressure to smoke more than you want, or cram yourself into impossible poses.


For specific dates, times, and location of classes see my full schedule.