3 Ways to Live Intentionally in 2018

_99O0723 (1)I hope you had a happy new year! In 2018 I’m making it a priority to live more intentionally.

Living intentionally means taking yourself off of auto-pilot and asking yourself why you do what you do. Why have you set a resolution to workout more, or travel? How do you imagine you’re going to feel once achieving those goals? Tuning into the why of our everyday, rather than following the status quo of our community and people around us, creates enormous space for intentional living, clarity, and present moment awareness.

Here are three ways I’ve been practicing intentional living this week, I invite you to do the same for a day, or week, or however long you feel called to.

  • Morning meditation and stretching: Wake up earlier than usual to allow time for a short meditation and/or a gentle stretch to check in with the state of your body and mind. Not only is this a much needed act of self-care, but starting your day with meditation brings clarity to the rest of your day, starts your morning with mindful intention which leads to other mindful decisions (big and small) throughout the day, and a short meditation and gentle yoga practice are a grounding way to keep yourself stress free.
  • Mindful meals: Regular meditation and yoga bring more innate awareness to your body and with it, more awareness of the effects that what you ingest has on your body. The most obvious way we see this is in our body is with food. High-fat “comfort” foods are easy for most people to choose, but cause lethargy and lessen our ability to cope with stress while healthier foods are energizing, stress relieving, nutritious, and boost our immune system. Pay attention to your meals and see if you can cut out one unhealthy food item a day and replace it with a plant-based whole food. Maybe even commit to one plant-based meal a day, a meal with foods derived from plants and little to no animal products.
  • Explore, don’t expect: Most of us have a desire for instant gratification. Expecting something for our actions is the reason why most people break their New Years resolution before the end of January. By approaching resolutions, and life, from a place of exploration and curiosity, rather than anticipation and expectation, we allow ourselves to fully enjoy the process, let go of perceived end goals, and decrease disappointment and self-judgement if you do not get the results you imagined.

How are you living intentionally?

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